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Obviously a website’s content is the main weapon for the success of your website to produce conversions. Without content, your website will look like an unattractive and outdated shop without any decoration. Get a professional content writing services with an attractive price from Sribulancer.

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  • Budget for the content writing services can be decided
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Why Need a Content Writing Services?

In a continuously growing digital era like today, almost all companies, institutions and even individuals own a website as a media to exchange information. A website will certainly cannot be separated from its content. As a result, you will need a professional Content Writer to fill the content of your website.

Advantages of Using Sribulancer Content Writer Services

warranty for content writer services
Money Back Guarantee
If you do not like the work of the content writer team of your choice. You can replace it with another team. Or ask for money to be returned.
secure transactions for content writers
Secure Transaction
We will hold your payment and will give it to our team if your content writing job is finished. In this way, your money will be safe.
experienced content writing team
Experienced Team
Sribulancer has a team that has more than 5 years experience for content writer services. Can do all the content needs of your website.
specify fees for the services of the content writer himself
Determine Your Own Budget
You can determine for yourself how much it costs for your content writer services.
the results of content writing are very good
Quality Content
The quality of your content will be of high quality and able to attract your visitors to use your services or products

How to Use Content Writer Services at Sribulancer

website creation services explain the work
Explain Job
Explain what website content you want. Also include the budget you have for content writer services.
get offers for your content writer services
Get a quote
Sribulancer will disseminate information about your work to our team. Next, our team will submit a proposal according to the explanation you have given.
completed work
Completed work
After finding the appropriate offer. You can start the work, and the work is done in a short time.

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What Is Content Writer? Get to Know The Profession Further

Those of you who often read information or news on the internet must be familiar with the term ‘content writer’. Especially seeing job vacancies coming from some small to multi-national companies in the recent years that often looking for a content writer.

In a continuously growing digital era like today, almost all companies, institutions and even individuals own a website as a media to exchange information. Website has many important roles in the digital era. With website people can introduce themselves to the public, companies can promote their products to the customers, and institutions can publish the information of events they created.

Those are some examples of how to maximize a website’s function properly. Even in politics, website can be used for campaigning and branding. It is no secret that some political candidates have won the election by successfully monetizing their websites.

A website is obviously cannot be separated from its content. This content is what makes people would want to visit and become a loyal reader of a website. A person who writes a content for a website is called content writer. Let’s discuss the definition of content writer in more detail. What is a content writer? Theoretically, content writer is a person who writes or creates content to be displayed on a website. Another theories mentioned the website is an official website.

The job of a content writer is not limited to only writing or creating content but also making sure that the content they write is able to attract readers and also informative. Most of the content is in the form of an article and must be suited to the audience of the website.

Currently, content writing services or content writers are very much on demand for many websites that are growing in Indonesia. This is because more and more people are aware of the importance of a website for the company, institution, or individual development.

Even though a website is individually owned, they prefer to use an experienced and professional content writer services or a content writer rather than writing or creating the content on their own. Because a content writer is already experienced to write a content that is able to attract many readers and make them feel attached to the website.

A content writer does not have to stay in a company and does not have work hours like employees or other professions. They can work remotely as a freelancer. They can write content from anywhere, such as home, library, campus, or casual places like cafes. However, the quality of the content is still their number one priority.

That is the reason why being a freelance content writer in Indonesia is very popular nowadays. Other than it is flexible, generates income and increases knowledge, this profession can also be learnt on a self-taught basis. For a beginner level, you only need to keep practicing to write a high quality content until you find the patterns that readers are mostly interested in. Keep trying until reader is finally really interested and attached your content.

For an advance level, a content writer also needs an instructor or mentor to make his content more qualified to be published on some official local and international websites. In addition, it also requires a lot of reading and training or workshops to continue improving the quality of their writing.

When you become a content writer, you will find some website owners who may not credited your name as the author or sometimes called ‘ghost writer’. The purpose is to make the reader assume that the website administrator or owner is the one who wrote the content. Of course you are not allowed to be offended and it is better to keep focus on writing the content and earning from it.

After learning in details about the profession, the next question would be how to initially start to become a content writer? If you previously do not have an experience as a writer, you could practice by volunteering in a non-profit websites such as an orphanages and foundations.

For a start, collect portfolios and experience as much as possible so it can be included in the CV. After having enough experience and portfolios on your CV, you can then apply to a bigger company.

It is recommended to learn the writing style of a website before sending an application or CV. If the writing style is suitable to our qualification then we may try applying to become a writer on the website. Studying the writing style in advance will eventually help us when we are accepted to be a content writer by the company.

If you are already working as a content writer, what do you have to consider in writing a content? Here is the answer:

  • • In the beginning of the agreement, make sure how many words in an article is required by the website owner
  • • Ask the website owner whether the content theme has been decided or it is up to the content writer’s choice
  • • Use a language and writing style that suits the target audience of the website owner
  • • Never do plagiarism or copy other people's work
  • • Avoid adding your website's back links on the content created
  • • Insert some special keywords that can make your content easier to search by the readers
  • • A professional content writer will never accept a job to write hoax or incorrect information
  • • Being a professional content writer is indeed not easy, but obviously can be learnt. When we decided to work as a professional content writer, the income is also quite tempting. Other than generating income, becoming a content writer also increases knowledge overtime.

A content writer is required to read various types of writing and a lot of information by themselves. We can get the materials from various workshops, events, discussion forums, magazines, television, talkshows, newspapers, and many more. And if our content brings benefits to the reader, it will become such a priceless satisfaction to the writer.

Eventhough we already have a lot of writing offers, we should keep actively join the writer communities and gatherings. These communities usually gather regionally. If you are in Jakarta, you can join the Jakarta freelance content writer community.

So, are you ready to become a content writer? Let's keep learning and practicing to make a high quality article as we described above. We hope this is useful and it can answer all of your questions about the world of a content writer.

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