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Why You Need Hire a SQL Developer?

Information Technology (IT), the most people may relate it to computer and the other technologies that used with it. This opinion sounds make a sense. Computer is like the foundation of IT. But just like the name, the main actor of Information Technology is information, not the computer. And without data as the entity, information will never be existed. This is why the role of database developer is vital, especially for modern company.

Actually, database is not a new thing for website development. It is already existed a long time ago. But by the time, database evolves from physical form into digital form. It is getting more in many aspects. But to make it possible, the former of modern database technology developed a language. And today, people know it as SQL.

What is SQL and How Does It Work?

Before talking about why you need to hire a SQL developer, there is one thing to know. What is SQL? Actually, SQL is a short name of Structured Query Language. It is a standard language to deal with the modern database technology, specifically relational database.

SQL can be used to perform various operation. In example, insert new data, update data and delete existed data. You can find this standard in every Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Although all of them use SQL as the foundation, it doesn’t mean every RDBMS is similar. There are some minor differences on them.

How does SQL work? Just like the other programming languages, SQL is like an interface to talk with machine. But in this case, database developer uses it to talk to storage system. Every single command on SQL has its own function. For example, CREATE TABLE to make a table, SELECT to select data on the database, INSERT to insert new data and DELETE to delete data. Of course, these commands are just a small part of SQL language itself.

SQL is also divided into queries, clauses, expressions, statements and many more. SQL server developer uses those commands to interact with the database. Even more, they also develop some functions to perform advance actions. With the good SQL functions, database works more efficiently and faster.

What is the SQL Server Database?

To store data, database developer needs a specific physical instrument and database software. In the previous section, we have mentioned RDBMS which is taking the role as database software. But to make database runs well, computer hardware is also needed.

The definition of database server can be tracked from its name. The name itself is coming from its role. This is a computer that designed to serve the other computers by providing database service with client server model with the help of SQL developer.

Physically, database server is no different compared to the other computers. It has processor, RAM and HDD. But unlike personal computer, the specification of database server is higher. It relates to its role. To serve a lot of computers, database server needs higher processor and higher RAM. More importantly, it also needs higher storage capacity.

To perform database services, database server needs a specific software. This computer needs Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Out there, there are a lot of database management systems. But when it talks about the most frequently use RDBMS, there are 2 names to consider. Those names are MySQL and Oracle Database. Beside those names, there are Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Since MySQL and Oracle Database use SQL, SQL server developer does not need to learn a new language to use both of them. There are a lot of similarities. But talking about the performance, Oracle Database looks more reliable, especially to handle huge data.

Sometimes, database developer combines MySQL and Oracle Database to handle specific tasks. They do this to get the pros and minimize the cons of those RDBMSs.

What is the Difference between DBMS and SQL?

DBMS and SQL are related to each other. But one thing for sure, both of them are two different things. To understand the difference, let’s start it by understanding the meaning of DBMS and SQL.

In the previous section, we know that SQL is a standard language that allows SQL developer to communicate with database. To insert data, read data or delete data, they can type specific SQL command. But this language cannot be used by itself. Each SQL command can be executed only by database software.

In the other hand, DBMS is more like a software that helps database developer to create and manage database. More specifically, this is a middleware between database hardware and the users. To perform specific actions, DBMS uses SQL as its standard language. This is what MySQL and Oracle Database do.

So when it talks about the difference between DBMS and SQL, it is easier to think like this. DBMS is the tool to interact and communicate with database hardware. In the other side, SQL is the rule about how SQL server developer communicate with the database.

Cost Factor when You Hire A SQL Developer

SQL is just a small part of Information Technology. But its role is not small at all, especially for data-driven company. Decision is coming from reliable data and reliable data is coming from the high security database. To make it, modern company need SQL developer.

In the age of big data, data-driven company needs more than just a huge amount of data collection. Data is just a tool. To make it useful, it must be processed and analyzed. To make it easier, company need database developer. Unfortunately, finding the right expert never be easy. At least, there are several cost factors to consider before making a choice.

1. Scope

Bad database design may lead to the bad software performance. But the problem is you cannot see the problem since the beginning. Problems may appear when the software grows bigger. This is why understanding and estimating the growth of the software is important. In the other word, the scope. The easiest way to determine the scope of the database is by laying out data amount and the feature of the software. When you are looking for SQL developer, make sure to consult it.

2. Scalability

The most difficult part on designing a database is estimating the growth of the software. Database must be prepared for this. So when the software grows bigger, it won’t affect the performance that much.

Talk to the database developer about it. You do not need to specify the scalability of the software and the database since the beginning. Database developer will make it for you. To make the right design, database developer also need to work with front end developer.

3. Geography

Ideally, working face to face with SQL server developer is better. This is more recommended too. But in the other side, it can be costly, especially if you hire a developer from the other city. Working remotely can be a good idea. But sometimes it will be difficult to discuss the project. There always be pros and cons. If you want to play safe, just consider the geography. But if you want to take a risk to get a better result, working with a freelancer is not a bad idea.

In a software development project, having SQL developer as the part of the team is real advantage. The expertise of database developer will allow you to make the best database design, even since the beginning. The design is ready for the future growth of the software too.

Unfortunately, finding the reliable SQL server developer is not easy. But you can consider it. The real expert have good track record. They have long experience and contribute on many projects too. You can see it from the portfolio. Of course, it will be better if the database developer ever made the similar software like yours. Just try to make a contact and consult your project. From here, you can get more insight even be sure about your choice.

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