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Digital media is one of the best ways to improve your business name, one of which is to hold a press release. Press releases are news or information about certain activities that have become a fact and released through media releases, both videos and writings. Confused how to make a press release? use the services of a press release expert at Sribulancer.

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How to make a press release that can attract mass media

The word press release expert service seems to be familiar to some people, especially business owners and start ups. However, not all business owners and startups can utilize the press release power properly. Others don't use it at all to promote their business. Or maybe you have used it but it turns out the results are less effective. Why is that so? Let’s see for a moment the ins and outs of the press release in details.

Actually what does press release mean? In theory, the definition of press release is a notification, news or information about certain activities that have become facts and released through media releases, press statements and press releases in written and video forms.

If you have the latest innovations related to your business, such as going to launch a book or a new product, you can make a press release through a text or video to announce it to the media. The function of the press release is deliberately made by the Public Relations (PR) company for publication needs.

Press releases that have been made will later be sent to several mass media such as magazines, tabloids, and newspapers. Or they can also be sent to news sites, online forums and blogs. In order for the mass media to be interested in the press release you send, it is better if the press release in the form of video and writing is not just one of them. Press releases can also be in the form of articles that are usually posted on a website.

Then, what are the functions of the press release in more detail for business owners and start ups? Let’s see the following review:

1. Increase Traffic to a Website

Based on data published by, there are at least 80 million people online every day around the world. And people online on the internet tend to look for unique information and stories or exclusive news. Of course this number is quite astonishing, with the number of people online on the internet so much that we can link the press release to interesting information that we have made on our website.

Thus when they read company information from our blog they will also go to the press release article link that has been made. With interesting, unique and creative press release services, internet users will automatically access your press release and go to the website. You can optimize the writing of the press release on the website using the main keywords, interesting news, videos, photos, articles and also descriptions that sell.

2. Helping to Increase Brand Awareness

To make consumers aware of your brand, it is necessary to continuously repeat your brand recognition initiatives until they feel the presence of your brand.

The more frequent news about your brand in the mass media, the more chances your brand will have to be considered as famous and popular among the community. Therefore your main task when knowing the extraordinary impact of this press release is to often make a press release so that the mass media are interested in covering.

Unicorn startups in Indonesia, such as gojek, traveloka, bukalapak, tokopedia, often use the power of expert press release services to increase their brand awareness. Even public figures who are also aware of the importance of this press release for image building also often use it by providing information on the activities they have done.

3. Increase Sales Potential

In addition to increasing public trust in your product, press releases can also help you increase the potential for selling certain products. To be able to achieve this benefit, your press release must focus on the benefits, features, innovations and main functions of the product that you will launch. Create a press release that makes the reader perceive that your product has more advantages compared to competitors' products.

Thus, more people will be interested in buying products from your company. You can also create another press release with information that is more focused on company’s achievements. For example the launch of products or services, the latest technological developments, collaboration with leading companies, awards that have been won and company acquisitions.

4. Free Promotion

Most press releases are free, but there are also a number of paid press releases. Press releases in the form of articles that are posted on online media will persist for a considerable period of time. In addition, press releases in the form of articles are easier to find by search engines and readers on the internet.

Ask for your online shop creation service provider to make all the systems run automatically. In this way, you can focus on spreading your online store to the market.

The ease of promoting a company or product through this press release writing service has been utilized by many business owners or startups as a free promotional mean. Some well-known media companies that you must involve in covering the press reales of the company are Merdeka, Sindonews, Okezone, Jawa Pos, Pikiran Rakyat, Tribunnews, Detik and Kompas.

These well-known media have had high numers of website visitors. If your press release is able to attract their attention, of course this will be very profitable for your company.

The next question after knowing the extraordinary function of press release for company promotion is how to make a press release that can attract the attention of famous media? Here are some tips:

1. Unique and creative

The most important thing about information or news is the content of the news itself. Every well-known media surely wants information or news that can attract the readers’ attention so they want to visit the website.

Among many information or news circulating on the internet and offline media, we must be able to provide information or news that stands out from others. This unique thing can be in the form of information or news that has an impact on many people or makes other people very interested and curious to find out more.

We can position ourselves as readers of the press release. Is the news we delivered able to make us interested or curious? If not, then our press release must be reviewed. Continue to study repeatedly the sample press releases that have been covered by the media and are able to bring in many readers. Starting from the title, content to the details written in the news. The more often we make press releases and learn the pattern, the easier it is to make attractive press releases.

2. Adjust to the Characteristics of Readers

Basically each media has different reader characteristics and has been adjusted to the interests of its audience. In order for your press release to be covered by media, choose the media whose audience is suitable for your product. For example, if you publish a press release related to business and technology, you can send your press release to well-known business media such as marketers or tech in Asia.

Never send your press release via blast or broadcast email to many media without regard to its relevance. Although this method is widely used by companies because it is considered to be efficient and can directly reach many media, it is impolite and less attractive to media. It is better to send your press release personally using personalized emails to the media.

3. Give added value

Although the main purpose of writing a press release is to promote a product or company, it's best to avoid excessive sentences in praising your product or company. In addition to making readers become bored, too many excessive sentences praising your company or product will also make your press release seems irrelevant.

Make your press release focus on what the readers want. For example, how much impact does your product have on many people? What are the advantages of your product compared to competitors? Why do they have to buy your product? Or other useful information that attracts readers so that the media wants to publish.

Those are a number of ways to make press releases that can attract the attention of the mass media. Business owners or start ups and mass media need each other, therefore take advantage of the power of promotion through the press release through news that is interesting, accurate, unique and creative.

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