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Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is one of the most used programming language to create a website in the world. Instead its a very usefully, PHP is one of the programming language which is have many hosting support from any developer. Its why PHP Developer always can settle your needs.

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Why Choose PHP Programming to Create a Website?

In this growing internet era, PHP programmer must have skills and knowledge about the PHP programming language. This matter in line with the increasing number of online application that provides a convenient solution for many people. To make this online application, PHP Developer mostly chooses to learn programming languages, such as ASP, JSP, CGI, and PHP. However, for now, the PHP framework is a programming language, which can attract the attention of various programmer communities.

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext pre-processor that means one of the language programming used for website development. With many features, it makes PHP framework very popular with PHP Programmers. Based on Wikipedia, 75% web server in the world uses this programming language. However, because of the popularity for website developing, every PHP Programmer learns to master it.

Rasmus Lerdorf is a genius PHP Programmer who developed PHP for the first time. Along with the website development knowledge, PHP has more features, and the open source can be used freely. Another benefit of using PHP to create a website is applicable for a various operating system and web server. Another language programming which is almost the same with PHP is JavaScript and C.

PHP Advantages and Disadvantages

Although PHP has many advantages for developing a website, it also has disadvantages that you need to pay attention to it. Some of the PHP advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

PHP Advantages:

  • PHP is one of the programming languages for website development that easiest understood and learned.

  • PHP is accessible for free.

  • With many PHP Developer in the world, you can easily find a solution if you faced any obstacles when using it. There is lots of free PHP guidance because it is open source.

  • You can use PHP in any computer hardware and operating system because it is the multiplatform programming language.

  • PHP processes data faster, compared with another programming language. Because it is very responsive, you only need a little system resource.

  • You don’t need to do a lot of repetitive work because frequently used code embedded in the framework. You only need to copy it so that your work is more effective and efficient.

  • PHP integrable with various other databases, such as MySQLi, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and so on. This ease of integration is a reason for many companies chooses the PHP scripting language to develop their website.

  • PHP is always developing the website data security. In the PHP are embedded screening functions to protect the websites from general attack.

The lists above are the outline of PHP advantages that may have known by many programmers. Besides the mentioned advantages, the following is some of the disadvantages of PHP programming language you need to know.

PHP Disadvantages:

  • In the programming world, you may often hear about encoding terms. Encoding is a data processing system which is a converted source. One of PHP disadvantages isn't identifying of Encoding.

  • While the security system of PHP is always growing continuously every time, there are still gaps in it. These gaps cause a web programmer to more careful with specific security in the website.

  • PHP cannot be used immediately because you have to install the web server first.

  • Obstacles that often faced by a programmer when using PHP is the appearance of unexpected bugs. A bug in the website appears because PHP doesn’t have a data type, but an expert programmer still can minimize these disadvantages.

  • Unable to separate display and logic are another PHP disadvantage. This disadvantage causes PHP unable for large-scale uses. However, you can use a template from JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Types of PHP Frameworks

Some of the PHP advantages and disadvantages mentioned may help you to learn PHP programming language. The next question after you know that is “which PHP framework I should use?” Before we answer your question, it’s good for you to know some reasons why you should use frameworks.

Frameworks have special design of security and it often becomes the problem. Using a framework will be easier to maintain and reuse. If you have a framework organized code development, the processing will also be faster. Isn’t it very profitable? Back to the question about “which PHP framework I should use?” We can review some types of PHP frameworks based on the allotment, level of complexity, documentation, and community.

1. Laravel

Laravel frameworks currently are one of the popular frameworks types, while this framework just released in 2011. Laravel is very flexible to use for various programming skill levels, from beginner, intermediate, to expert programmer. For a beginner, documentation section from Laravel will help them a lot in website development.

Laravel completed with Larast.com screencast that is currently also very popular with the programmer. Laravel mainstay tools are an artisan. These tools can make teamwork more efficient because it can continue to update changes that occur. In Laravel, there is also a scratch on the screencast.

With the many excellent features offered by Laravel, this framework is also very suitable for various types of projects ranging from small scale to complex. Now, the number of Laravel users who have joined the Facebook group reaches 29,769 users. You can consider using this framework for the development of your website.

2. CodeIgniter

This type of framework has the second popularity after the Laravel framework. CodeIgniter released in 2006. This framework has a tutorial in various languages, and one of them is Indonesian. With Indonesian tutorial, it will very easy for a programmer to learn it.

CodeIgniter framework has quite complete documentation because they review each existing feature. With these features this framework very suitable to solve the problem when you develop a website. You can also use this framework for various types of projects, from small scale to complex. Now, the number of CodeIgniter who joined the Facebook group reaches 46,992 users. You can also consider using this framework for your projects.

3. Symphony

Symphony is one of a framework which is written in PHP language and quite popular. While not as popular as Laravel and CodeIgniter framework, but Symphony users who have joined the Facebook group already reaches 1,840 users. Even big systems as Piwik, phpBB, and Drupal have also used this component from Symphony framework.

Symphony framework provided a tutorial in PDF form so easy to read and understand. Furthermore, this framework documentation is also faultless. You can consider using the Symphony framework for your website development. This framework makes us focus on the code we build. While for the database section, the setting is a Doctrine task. Thus, our time isn’t wasted to design table and create databases.

4. Yii

Fundamental advantages of Yii framework compared with others framework is the performance that uses lazy loading technique. This framework has a special focus on the object with DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) concept. In Indonesia, this framework is also quite popular and has many users.

With the sophisticated features, Yii framework used for various types of web applications. This framework is very suitable for website application as e-commerce, forum, portal, and content management system (CMS) because equipped with a sophisticated caching mechanism. Now, the number of Yii framework users, who joined in their Facebook group reaches 26,969 users.

After you find out the advantages and disadvantages of the PHP framework with some framework types, which type of framework do you want to learn? Or maybe you want to specify a framework that suits your on-going project. Choose a framework which most suitable with website application that you will develop. Because while the framework is very popular and used by many programmers, not necessarily suitable for your website development.

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