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Why Do You Need Photoshop Expert Services?

MarketingProfs noted that around 74% of business people shared photos of original products they wanted to sell on social media and websites. Meanwhile, most prospective customers will ask to "buy or not" just look at the packaging design that is used, even though the description is written in full about the quality of the product offered.

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money back guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
If you do not like the work of our team you choose. You can replace it with another team. Or ask for money to be returned.
secure transaction
Secure Transaction
We will hold your payment and will give it to our team if your photo editing work is complete. In this way, your money will be safe.
experienced team
Experienced Team
Sribulancer has a team that has more than 5 years experience for Photoshop editing expert services. Able to do any type of photo, such as product photos, team photos, company photos or others.
set your own budget
Set Your Own Budget
You can determine for yourself how much it costs to edit the photos you need.
Our photo editing process will prioritize the authenticity of images, assets, and ideas.

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Online Marketing Strategy with Attractive Product Photos

The shift from offline to online will still continue. Businesses that had only relied on offline marketing gradually turned to online marketing. Social media and marketplace are also popular places to start. Not only businesses that have been standing for a long time, new business people also tend to prefer online marketing to build brands and market their products or services. Decisions taken cannot be separated from the potential offered by online marketing which is indeed able to reach a wider market.

Even though online businesses store enormous potential, this one business is also known as a business that relies heavily on trust. Prospective buyers can easily switch to other sellers when they feel they are not sure enough about the seller's credibility. The use of product photos that appear to be sober can also damage reputation and even keep online business people from potential prospects. Business people are also required to be more sensitive to changing trends. They must also be ready to adopt new marketing trends in order to survive in the online business.

Marketing Trends that Business Players Must Know

Only those who continue to innovate and develop themselves are able to survive amid increasingly fierce business competition. But all that will be difficult when knowledge of marketing trends is so limited. Knowing the latest marketing trends will help online businesses to design more appropriate strategies and execute them faster. This is what helps them stay in the business world.

In the digital era like today, the use of digital media as a marketing tool has become an open secret. But what marketing trends are in the middle and still going on? Here are some of them.

1. Use of Social Media

In 2017, there are recorded as many as 2.46 billion social media users . This figure grew to 2.62 billion users in 2018 and is expected to continue to grow to reach the figure of 3.02 billion users in 2021. The large number of users of social media has been utilized by businesses, both large and small, to make profits. On social media like Facebook and Instagram, there are many online sellers who sell their merchandise.

As long as social media is still used, the use of social media for online businesses is predicted to continue. But the best way to use social media as a marketing tool is not hard selling. Sharing useful content with soft selling ingredients is still considered more effective in helping marketing.

2. Discounts and Coupons

Ever shop at the marketplace? When do you decide to prefer shopping in the marketplace rather than shopping at an offline store? The answer may be quite diverse. But it must be admitted, many people have the tendency to shop in the marketplace when there are discounts or shopping coupons.

Discounts and shopping coupons are still considered effective to help increase sales as well as brand awareness. The reason is clear. All buyers like discounted prices. This is different from goods that have been priced cheaply since the beginning. The discounted price itself implies that the product or service offered does have good quality. Only the price is cut. For this reason, the way to market this product will continue.

3. Advertise with Google Adwords

There are as many as 3.5 billion searches every day on the google search engine. Not surprisingly, the Google search engine and Google Adwords ads are considered to still be an online marketing trend. The amount of Google search engine users is one of the causes. Google Adwords itself is often combined with SEO strategies (Search Engine Optimization). The goal is clear. For the sake of dominating the start page of Google search results.

Targeted ads offered by Google Adwords are also another reason why this online marketing trend will still last. With targeted advertising, the closing ratio gets bigger. Even if it is not fruitful sales, advertisers can increase brand awareness in the right market.

4. Customer Experience

How many customers are satisfied with your product or service? How many of them do repeat orders? All of that is part of customer experience. Don't be underestimated, a good customer experience will increase the value of a brand in the eyes of customers. Even in many cases, many prospective buyers are more confident with customer recognition than advertising.

Customer experience will still be an important part of online marketing trends. The ease of accessing information also contributed to this one marketing trend.

5. Email Marketing

In a day, how many e-mail marketing enter your inbox? Email marketing will still be the choice of business people in offering their products or services. It's just that not all email marketing is preferred by prospective buyers. Uninvited e-mails or spam e-mails tend to make potential buyers feel annoyed and run away. To get optimal results from this one online marketing, you need to make prospective buyers share their e-mails voluntarily.

In addition, the email sent must also be considered. Instead of directly offering products or services, emails that contain useful content are still much more valued.

The Importance of Product Photos in Online Marketing

The shoes are broken, as well as a backpack. You also have to find a replacement so you can immediately move as usual. Because now online shopping is getting easier, you decide to look for new shoes and bags online, especially through the marketplace. Here there are so many choices of shoes and bags with various brands and prices. In a situation like this, what might make you decide to click on a product? Photos and prices, you could say that the first two things that are considered by prospective buyers.

To find the option that best suits your taste, you also open a number of product pages and select them. But when faced with two shoe products with the same price and almost the same specifications, which one would you choose? Most people will certainly choose products that have the most positive testimonials. More and more convincing. But the decision will not be possible if you choose from the beginning you are not sure about the photos displayed by the seller.

This is an illustrative example that occurs when someone decides to buy a product online. The role of photos is very important. No doubt, even professional product photos that look convincing become one of the ammunition in digital marketing strategies.

Tips to Increase Credibility Through Product Photos

To get professional product photos, you obviously need adequate equipment. Starting from a high resolution camera, lighting to a photo studio is absolutely necessary. Even if you don't have a professional photo studio, at least you can make a mini photo studio from materials that are easy to find.

All requirements have been fulfilled. So that your product photos look more convincing and professional, then you can follow the following tips.

1. Product Photos from Multiple Sides

When shopping online, the buyer cannot check the product he wants to buy thoroughly. They can only check through the photos given by the seller. Help prospective buyers to get to know the products you sell by taking photos of products as detailed as possible. If you really need to, take photos of products from all sides. Show if the product you are selling is indeed worth buying. Prospective buyers generally will appreciate your efforts in making it easier for them to check the products they want to buy.

2. Note the Rules for Taking Pictures

Point of view to the route of third in photography also should not be ignored. These rules will help you get a much more interesting product photo. Actually, photos like this are only needed in small amounts. However, interesting photos like this will later be used as the main photo of the product that plays an important role in online marketing strategies.

3. Use Attractive Models

Sometimes there are several prospective buyers who want to see how the products you sell when worn. For this reason, the model is used to help answer this curiosity. For the model itself, you should choose a model that looks attractive. Also adjust to your market. If your market is an outsider, of course it would be better if you choose an outside model. For the selection of models, you should also adjust the products sold.

4. Edit Photos If Needed

In order for photos to look more attractive, there are times when you need to edit some of them. For example, related to brightness to color saturation. You can also add watermarks to photos to make them look more professional. Watermarks like this can also be used to protect your photos from competitors who only have copy paste. This marketing strategy will help increase the credibility of your business.

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