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Image is an interesting media to take attention for prospective buyers, partners, and even for criticism. One drawing technique that can be used is illustration, no need to be confused about how to make it. Use professional illustration services from Sribulancer.

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Images are proven to increase 30% of the attractiveness of a person. Images also prove to be an effective promotional medium, one of the most effective types of images is illustrative images. With illustrated images you can create a "snowball" effect if your content is spread through social media.

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Money Back Guarantee
If you don't like the results of the work of our team that you choose. You can replace it with another team. Or ask for money to be returned.
Secure Transaction
Secure Transaction
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Experienced team
Sribulancer has a team of more than 5 years of experience for illustrator services. Can work on any need for illustration images, such as mascots, banners, or banners.
Determine Your Own Budget
Determine Your Own Budget
You can determine for yourself how much it costs to make your illustration drawings.
Interesting Illustration Image
Interesting Illustration Image
Gambar ilustrasi yang Anda terima akan lolos dari plagiat, kreatif dan pastinya dibuat secara profesional.

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More About Illustration Image Functions

What is an illustration? Understanding illustration pictures According to Indonesian Wikipedia, illustration image is visualization of an article using drawing, photography, painting, or other fine art techniques that prioritize the relationship of the subject with the intended text rather than form.

More simply, the definition of illustration images is the form of drawing, photography, painting, or other art techniques used by an illustrator to convey a story from a writing.

Have you ever heard the word "illusion"? Magicians often use this word. Illusion is the beginning of the word illustration. Illusion itself is a picture of wishful thinking that resembles mere decoration.

While the illustration is derived from the Latin word "Illustrare" which means to explain or explain. With the illustration, it is hoped that it can make the reader able to imagine, understand, and develop a story, narrative or writing. With an illustration image the story, narration or writing should be easier to understand and digest.

So, what are the functions of illustration image? Here are some of illustration functions:

  • To attract people's attention to know the contents of a book or magazine
  • To make it easier to visualize work steps
  • For writing to be easier to digest and understand
  • To visualize the shape of the tool in scientific writing
  • To express experience or event in the form of image
  • To show a brief description of the entire writing or story
  • To explain a concept that you want to convey
  • To get rid of boredom through humorous images

The main elements in illustration image are human images, images of plants and also pictures of animals. These images can be combined so that they form an object or can stand alone. An illustration must refer to the narration or writing that has been made. Besides that the illustration image does not have to have various colors, it can only use black or white.

Let's get a closer look at the 3 main elements in illustration:

1. Human Image

When an image service provider illustrates a human, the most important thing to be understood and known is the anatomy and proportion of the human body, ranging from the human body that is still infants, children, adolescents, adults to seniors. Proportions have the meanings of a comparison of parts or sections with the whole.

While Anatomy is an overall body shape that is determined and influenced by the structure of bone and muscle structures that are large, small, convex and concave.

2. Animal Pictures

Just like drawing an illustration of a human, drawing illustrations of animals also needs attention to the proportion and anatomy and master them both. Animals have shapes and types that are grouped into land animals, air animals and sea animals.

3. Picture of plants

Plants have very many and varied types, so drawing their illustrations has different levels of difficulty compared to illustrations of humans and animals. To draw plant illustrations we can use two methods, which are described in full or simply.

What is meant by simply described here is that plant parts are not drawn in detail and only impress a plant. While the complete description is describing all the parts of plants such as roots, twigs, leaves, trees and other parts carefully and in detail.

Furthermore, the steps that need to be considered in drawing illustrations are as follows:

1. Idea

The first thing to note when drawing an illustration is to determine the idea. Idea is imagination that will be illustrated. Next is choosing and determining who the characters are, how the atmosphere is, what the scene is like and also the surrounding atmosphere. Don't forget to determine the style and media to be used.

2. Sketch

The next step after determining the idea is to draw a sketch. Sketch is also a drawing design. In drawing an illustration sketch we can choose what media to use, some illustrators usually prefer to use crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, ink and the like.

The process of drawing a sketch should be aligned with visualizing the idea that has been determined. Usually the sketch is still a simple line but can describe the contents of the idea as a whole.

3. Coloring

After determining the idea and drawing a sketch, the final step is to give color to the image that has been made or commonly called coloring. Coloring in the expression image has two features, namely realist and non-realist features (expressionism, impressionism, abstracts, etc.).

What is meant by a realist style is that the color must reflect the existing reality, and for non-realist style, coloring can be done freely without being bound by the existing reality.

Variety of Illustration Images

1. Comics

Comics means funny that come from the word comic. Comics are presented in the form of still pictures in a panel box that has a storyline. Images between panel boxes have successive stories or relationships.

2. Cover

Cover is the front of a book or magazine. Usually magazine covers or book covers are thicker than book content pages. The cover image must reflect the contents of a book or magazine. In fact, a cover image of a book or magazine determines a person's interest in reading the entire contents of the book or magazine. So that the cover image must be as attractive as possible.

3. Magazine

In magazines and newspapers there is usually a picture before or after writing. The section that contains this image is called Vignette (a picture that fills a blank page in a newspaper or magazine that has a decorating function).

That is the explanation of illustration images that are quite clear and solid. Starting from the definition of illustration image, the function of illustration image, the elements of illustration image, the steps to make illustration image, to the variety of illustrations. Hopefully it can add to your insight about the world of drawing and also make you more eager to pursue your drawing hobby.

Illustration pictures are also needed in business, for example for promotional purposes. Usually illustration images are used for media that are very visible, such as banner designs, or promo designs. If you don't have much time to make all of these designs, just use the services of a reliable illustrator from Sribulancer.

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