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What is the Role of Professional Ghost Writer ?

Professional ghostwriter is a service provided by professionals in writing article content, stories, and books without mentioning themselves in the work. It is suitable for those of you who need colleagues who are able to transform ideas and ideas in the mind into beautiful lines of sentences.

Benefits of Using Professional Ghost Writer Services at Sribulancer

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
If you do not like the work of our team you choose. You can replace it with another team. Or ask for money to be returned.
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Secure Transaction
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Experienced Team
Experienced Team
Sribulancer has a team that has more than 5 years experience in freelance writing services. Able to do any type of writing, such as books, story life, motivation and others.
Determine Your Own Budget
Determine Your Own Budget
You can determine for yourself how much it costs to do the writing you need.
Achieve Your Goals
Achieve Your Goals
We always provide the best freelance writer services with the guarantee that the writing results pass editing and publishing more easily.

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Explain the Job
Explain the Job
Explain clearly about the writing you want. Also include the budget that you have for this job.
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Get a Quote
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Completed Work
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What is Ghost Writer? 5 Criteria That Are Considered Already Professional

In the world of writing, two terms are known, namely the writer (writer) and author (author). While the term the author himself is still much more mentioned, including copywriters, content writers and ghost writers.

If the content writer is known as an informative article writer and the copywriter is a content writer for promotional purposes, then what is a ghost writer? How does a ghost writer work? How much income can a ghost writer get?

What is Ghost Writer?

The ghost writer profession has long been known in Indonesia. Matching mention for this profession according to KBBI is 'stealth writer'; writers who are paid to prepare texts on behalf of other people.

Based on the definition above, ghost writer can be said as a writer whose services can be rented and get paid to produce a script but is not entitled to credit from the work it produces. The original author or author who hired the services of the ghost writer concerned has the right to all credit in the work produced. Although some of them are still mentioned, depending on the agreement or contract between the ghost writer concerned with the author or person who uses his services.

A ghost writer only helps write the script needed, while the owner of the idea remains the author who hired his services. Not only the idea, a ghost writer also wrote a script based on thought to the author's speech style.

Those who do this profession are usually experienced writers or senior journalists. While the domain of writing entered can be in the form of nonfiction or fiction writing.

Many of the writers or writers who have done this profession for a long time, including Ramadhan Karta Hadimadja and Ahmad Fawaid.

How Does Ghost Writer Work?

As mentioned above, a ghost writer works as a professional freelance writer to produce high-quality writing work for others. In addition, the written work produced must also be read professionally. The ghost writer services are generally hired to write books. In cases like this, the author is the person who hired a ghost writer.

A ghost writer will get paid for his work, but often does not have the right or credit for the paper he has produced. Ghost writer usually has made an agreement with the author to hide his identity. Although sometimes there are also mentioned. In this case, a ghost writer can be listed as a co-writer (co-writer) or as a book editor. Generally, this kind of credit is listed on the thank you page.

Job as a ghost writer is very closely related to journalistic skills, especially interviews, including research and investigation. Ghost writer can work alone or form a team and company.

Written writing ghost writer is not just a book. For example, a ghost writer can also write poems or articles according to what the author wants to make.

There are ghost writers who choose to become specialist writers, for example non-fiction script specialists. But not a few also decided to become a ghost generalist writer and more flexible in accepting the work of various types of manuscripts.

Who Needs Ghost Writer?

Ghost writer service users can be individuals or institutions / institutions. It may sound strange, but this is a common practice where anyone can use the services of a ghost writer. When someone wants to make a paper, a ghost writer or 'stealth writer' can be hired to write the required work. Good for personal or professional use.

However, ghost writer is a professional writer. Often political figures, artists, and executives will hire ghost writers when they want to publish books or other writings but don't have enough time or writing skills.

Usually publishers or even authors themselves employ a professional ghost writer to produce papers under the name of a popular author. Ghost writer professional is hired to allow authors and publishers to increase the number of books that can be released.

It is not uncommon for publishers or authors to ask famous ghost writers to put their names in the script (as co-authors or editors), because they can help increase the popularity and sales figures of the script.

How much does a Ghost Writer Make?

Payments that can be obtained by a ghost writer is indeed tempting. Starting from the value ranges from the number of hundreds of thousands of rupiah to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Ghost writer often works for a very high amount of pay, although of course with high quality standards too. Abroad, a ghost writer will charge fees ranging from $ 10 to $ 25,000 to write books of exceptional quality. While the processing time they need usually ranges from three to six months to complete a book title.

However, there are many types of agreements between ghost writers and users of their services to produce payment agreements that are fair to both parties when the contract is signed.

The amount of payment a ghost writer can earn is generally based on:

  • Experience writing,

  • The length of the book made,

  • The type of book created,

  • The role of the ghost writer in the project concerned,

  • Number of materials given to ghost writer.

What are the Ghost Writer Criteria that are Considered Professional?

Ghost writer business is indeed very profitable. No wonder many writers then decide to pursue this profession. However, to become a paid professional ghost writer, one must have sufficient experience as a writer. Including many years as a freelance writer or publishing several books in their own name.

Besides experience, here are some criteria that a ghost writer professional must have:

1. Follow Client's Instructions

A ghost writer has a big task to be able to produce extraordinary writing based on the instructions of clients who use his services. When working on a writing project, a professional ghost writer must always communicate with clients who use his services.

So when there are changes or additions that the client wants to do, they can immediately consult with the ghost writer. When a ghost writer follows the instructions of a client who uses his services, the written work that is produced will certainly be more qualified and in accordance with what the client expects.

2. Mastering the Writing Realm Done

The work of writing is a very broad field, so that 'stealth writers' must master the realm of writing that they want to do. Here are some of the domains of writing handled by ghost writer:

  • Write biographies and memoirs of prominent figures

  • Write business books, articles, and blogs

  • Write song lyrics, poetry, and works of fiction

Not only technical writing that needs to be mastered, but if a ghost writer has to work with other ghost writers on a project. So he also needs to adjust the style and quality of the writing produced with other ghost writers who work with him.

3. Can Be Trusted and Able To Maintain Secrets

Being a trustworthy individual is very important for a professional ghost writer. Because the client provides a lot of important and confidential information, being a ghost professional writer is required to be able to maintain the confidentiality of all information conveyed by the client.

As a professional ghost writer is not only responsible for producing quality papers, but also has a big task to maintain the good name of clients who have used their services. Especially if the ghost wroter is paid to produce a book.

This is generally also contained in contracts or agreements that must be signed by ghost writers and users of services before the project starts.

4. Understanding Client's Editorial Needs

A ghost writer not only has the responsibility to write a book or produce a paper. However, it is also necessary to consider the different tasks that might be borne by the ghost writer to complete the paper needed by the client. If there is a lot of research involved, a ghost professional writer must certainly be able to do something more than just 'writing'.

For ghost writers who are fortunate enough to get a contract with a large publishing company, chances are that he will be accompanied by many human resources, including editors or editors. So, he will get help to deal with customs and punctuation that may still be incorrect.

However, tasks such as editing, layouting, design, writing, and publishing are entirely borne by ghost writers if their services are used by individual clients or non-publishing agencies / institutions. In short, a ghost writer must be able to provide a one stop solution for all his clients.

5. Up to Date Around the World of Publishing

A ghostwriter is someone who must know the chief editor or editor in chief of a large publishing company. So, a ghost professional writer should understand the latest issues in the world of publishing. Even a professional gost writer should have an MoU with large publishers so that they get a guarantee that their client books will definitely be published.

These are some of the criteria that should be possessed by a professional ghost writer.

Today, with the encouragement of digital technology, writing production is also growing rapidly. Institutions and individuals alike need written products to meet their needs. Therefore, the position of ghost writer is a very helpful solution. There has been no research on the size of the writing market in Indonesia. However, this market is still growing and as if it will never die.

If you are a company owner, famous person, or individual who is in need of the help of a ghost writer in producing written products but does not have enough time or ability to write, the services of a ghost professional writer at Sribulancer are ready to help you. Contact us to find a ghost writer service that suits your needs.

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