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The Potential of the Game Industry is Greater

According to research by the Newzoo game company, for women, the largest portion is also held by people aged 21-35 with a percentage of 18%. Age 10-20 years at 14% and 36-50 years at 7%. So that it can be concluded, children aged 21-35 years are the main land for game companies because they are workers who are willing to spend extra money on their favorite games.

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The process of making Android games that are carried out will always be pursued so that they do not have similarities with other game concepts that have ever existed.

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Professional Indonesia Game Developer Teams at Sribulancer

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Collection of Interesting Facts About Games in Indonesia

In the digital era like now, it seems almost everyone has played games. The presence of smartphones also helped increase the popularity of the game itself. In the application store there are so many games that are available. Many of them are even available for free. Starting from games produced by world-class game developers to games made by indie developers, all can be chosen according to taste. But if it refers to the definition of games, maybe everyone has his/her own opinion. So what is the definition of the game actually?

Definition of Game

When referring to the Indonesian dictionary, game can be interpreted as a form of play that has rules and artificial conflicts that must be resolved by the players. Game rules themselves are made to limit the behavior of their players. When a player manages to overcome an artificial conflict in the game, he is declared as the winner so he can continue to the next level.

As with games in general, digital games are also made for entertainment purposes. However many games adopt educational or cultural elements to give more value. In a study, games also proved able to improve one's learning and thinking abilities.

Game Types and Examples

Ever played a game called Subway Surfer? Or maybe some of you have ever played a game called Mobile Legend? Both games are played on mobile devices or in other words they are categorized as mobile games. However, both of them have different game genres. If the Subway Surfer game carries the casual genre of endless running, the Mobile Legend game carries the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre.

The illustration above is a small example of the type of game that can be found in the present era. For more details, here are some other types of game.

1. Type of Game Based on the Platform Used

a. Arcade Game

In Indonesia, arcade games are often referred to as ding-dong. If you have ever played in arcade game center like Timezone, of course you are already familiar with this term. Games included in this type of game are usually present in the form of boxes complete with various game supporting devices such as pistols, chairs specifically designed to motion sensors. In one device there is usually only one type of game.

b. Console Game

The term console game itself refers to the games played on devices that are specifically made for the purpose of playing games. Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are some examples of popular game consoles. These devices are used to play console games. As for the example of console game, some of them are Assassin's Creed, Grand Turismo and Mortal Combat.

c. PC Game

Ever played a game on PC? What game do you play? That is what is called PC Game. Because it is played with a PC, keyboard and mouse are used to control the game. However, now players can also use other game control devices such as joysticks. One example of well known PC games is Call of Duty.

d. Handheld Game

Games that fall into this category are games that can be played with portable game consoles such as PSP or Nintendo Switch. Handheld games used to have a simpler graphic display than the game console. But nowadays handheld games are growing rapidly and even have a graphic display that is not inferior to that of console games.

e. Mobile Game

Maybe this is the type of game most played by modern society. Mobile games themselves refer to all games that can be played on mobile devices, especially smartphones. As mentioned earlier, Surfer Subway and Mobile Legend are included in this type of game.

2. Game Types Based on Genre

The types of games that can be found today are increasingly diverse. New game genres keep popping up. But briefly, here are some examples of them.

a. Shooting

As the name implies, shooting game is a game that carries the concept of shooting action. Some examples of well known shooting games are Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Halo.

b. Fighting

Ever played a game called Tekken or Mortal Combat? The two games are included in the fighting game genre. In this kind of game, players can fight with other players or with AI (Artificial Intelligent).

c. Racing

Who is fast, he wins. That's a racing game all about. One example of this kind of game is Grand Tourismo.

d. Role Playing Game (RPG)

This game genre has elements of battle and adventure. However, the fight is carried out using the concept of role playing or in other words attack alternately. An example of an RPG game title that is well known to gamers is Final Fantasy.

In addition to the four game genres above, there are actually genres or other types of game such as strategy, sport, simulation, puzzle and adventure. Each game genre has a different style of play. Herein lies the excitement.

Indonesian Game Developers Who Have Been Worldwide

Although the game industry is dominated by developed countries such as America and Japan, in Indonesia there are also several game developers that are well known to the world. There may even be some games you have ever played. Here are some Indonesian game developers who have become global.

1. Minimo Studio

This Indonesian game developer is based in Jakarta. However, the root of it is actually from Silicon Valley. One example of a game made by Minimo Studio that is considered successful is Mini Racing Adventure. Fans of this mobile game are also very large and come from all over the world.

2. Own Games

Ever heard of a game called Tahu Bulat? Or maybe you've played it? The game titled Tahu Bulat is one example of a game developed by Own Games. In addition to Tahu Bulat, another games that were also developed by this Indonesian game developer are Own Super Squad and Fried Rice. Own Games itself also won the INAICTA 2013 event and Mobile Game Developer War 5.

3. Touchten Games

This Indonesian game developer is based in Jakarta and was founded by Anton Soeharyo, Roki Soeharyo and Dede Indapurna. Focusing on mobile games (mobile app development), Touchten Games has also scored quite a proud achievement. The game made by Touchten, namely Dazzle Dagelan Puzzle was the best game in 2015 on Google Play.

4. Toge Production

Toge Production itself was actually established in 2008. This Indonesian game developer often develops PC games. In the 2014 Indie Prize Casual Connect Asia event, Toge Production received an award in the Best Desktop Games category. Some examples of games made by Toge Production are Infectonator, Rage in Peace and Magicat.

5. Kidalang

You could say Kidalang is a specialist in visual novel games. Their games are well known to the world. Some examples of those games are An Octave Higher, One Smart Fire a Time and Sage Fusion 2.

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