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Why Video Animation is Important?

What makes animation service grown more popular this day? Because animation is an instrument that could help to send a more attractive and comprehensive message to the audience. (Hubspot) 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process. Animation can be used as a promotional strategy for an effective product to reach more potential customers. Interested?

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Sribulancer has a team of more than 5 years of experience in any video editing service, including 2d animation maker, and 3d animation maker.
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The Advantages of Animation Video Content for Marketing Strategy

Do you know that one of the most effective marketing strategies for a business is multimedia and that including animation video? For that purpose, you can use a video animation service to make an animation video in all form and niche. But before you start using animation service as part of effective marketing strategies, there are a couple of things you need to understand:

Animation is a moving picture illusion created from a group of pictures set with a specific order and played at a specific timeline.

In the beginning, animation service was made using hundreds of pictures papers rolled in such speed that create the illusion of moving picture. As technology grows, the process of creating an animation becomes much easier with the help of computer and different kind of software.

According to this definition, there are 2 main aspects of the process of creating video animations, the object inside the picture and the movement line.

The Advantages of Animation Video

What makes animation service grown more popular this day?

Because animation is an instrument that could help to send a more attractive and comprehensive message to the audience.

Fact is, around 65% human is a visual learner and about 90% of the information run through the brain is in the form of visual. John Medina, a molecular biologist stated that vision is the most dominated sense on human. Information in the form of picture and video was processed 60,000 times faster compared to text.

Based on that, there is no wonder why animation become more popular because it will be easier for people to receive the information in the form of video.

The message that was sent through the animation itself could be tailored according to the maker need, starting from educational information, entertainment, and even marketing attempt for a product or service.

Marketing people also start using more and more animation service as part of their marketing strategy. Statistic data in 2016 shows that:

  • 1/3 of online activity that people do is watching video

  • Around 64% of customer decide to buy a product after watching a video

  • Conversion rates increase up to 80% by using video on the landing page.

In the term of video for marketing, animation service is far more popular compared to conventional video.


  • Because animation video is far more attractive and to the audience compare to conventional video

  • Animation video is capable of describing such a complex idea into something simpler and easier to understand. Why not, you can easily make a character that could talk, run, fly, and does all the impossible thing that human can’t do, even traveling through the time.

  • Animation is identical with cartoon and cartoon is identical with a happy childhood. While watching an animation video, a person, unconsciously will recall their happy childhood memory and bring up a nostalgic feeling, which is a very strong emotion. Many people buy a product based more on emotional reason and by using an animation service that could invoke such a strong emotion, it can be used for marketing purpose. That is one of the reasons why animation is so important in marketing.

  • Animation service can be used for all sort of topic. All kind of product and service could be promoted in the form of animation.

  • Animation service cost less than a conventional video that requires lots of equipment and resource. That is not all; creating an animation video also will take less time for a better result.

Video consumption has dominated internet use all around the world and that is another important reason why people should use it in their marketing process.

The Best Application to Create Animation Video

Today, creating an animation video is much easier thanks to many application and software on the computer and Smartphone.

Here is some of the best application to create animation video:

1. Animatron

Animatron is free animation maker software. This software allowed the user to create animation from nothing, or by using the already available pre-animated object.

2. Anime Studio

This software comes up with plenty of feature and lots of animation content that can be used to create all kind of animation fast and easy. There is a free trial option to see whether this software is really the one you are looking for or not.

3. Aurora 3D Animation Maker

This software allows its user to add limited animation effect and watermark for photo and video. A free trial option is also available for the user that wants to get a taste of it beforehand.

4. Monkey Jam

This software allows its user to create a non-stop video animation with a different kind of interface.

5. Anime Studio Pro

Many professional animation creators prefer this software, thanks to the many features it has.

6. Animation Desk

This application allows the user to draw an animation directly on their Smartphone. Simple interface and realistic result make the whole thing easier.

7. iStop Motion 3

This application allowed iOS user to create stop motion animation. It provides a virtual platform to place objects inside the pre-recorded background. There are also other features such as video tips and it supports the use of video HD camera.

8. Animation Studio

This application allowed 2D and 3D animation creator to create cartoon by using different characters, add music, and voice. Both professional and beginner could take advantage of this application.

How to Use Animation Video in Marketing

With so many advantages that you can get from animation video, now will be a good time to know how to use this type of multimedia in social media for marketing purpose.

1. Short duration

The video that you can see running around in Facebook has a shorter duration (10 times shorter) compare to the one on YouTube. Video with shorter duration has a bigger chance of getting people attention on social media. The optimal duration for a video on Facebook and Twitter is around 2-3 minutes.

2. Create an attractive, entertaining, inspiring, or an educated video

With short duration, the video clearly should be able to attract people attention from the very beginning. Commonly, the video that goes around social media has an auto play feature and muted. So make sure that people can understand the video without having to listen to it.

This is what makes animation video has a greater chance to win people attention. Besides that, an interesting animation will make people more inclined to share it with others. This way, there will be more people who know about the product or service that were offered on the video, which is one of the main purposes of marketing.

3. Use a new approach to show the content

With animation, you can create all kind of videos with a different approach. For example, create a vide that use a different technique such as by using a drone, 360° view, bird’s eye, and many more. This new perspective will make it far more interesting.

4. Use different video type for a different social media channel

Every social media channel has a different approach to its users. You need to recognize it in order to find the best type of video for every social media channel.

How to Choose Video Animation Service

Now you know all about animation video in marketing, how are you going to choose the best video animation service to meet your need and demand? What about the cost?

Basically, choosing a video animation service provider itself is not so much different than choosing other kinds of service provider. You can find animation service provider that work alone or in a team.

While choosing an animation service, consider these:

1. Background

Find out everything about this animation creator, for example, their skill, experience, previous client, market range, and so on. Check on their animation service portfolio. Do the storyline is able to describe the product or service clearly? Do the video able to attract people attention? A video that is able to show clear and detail information without bored people who view it have a greater chance to succeed.

2. Production process

What kind of production process that this 2D and 3D animation maker will go through? How do they make sure that the video they make is really fit with the vision, mission, and value of their client brand?

Animation service, just like other types of marketing media, is the face of a brand or a company. It is very important to make sure that the video is able to represent the brand perfectly.

3. Picture and templates they use

Does the picture and templates that were used to create the video is a pre-made or custom made? Pre-made templates will make the whole process goes faster, but sometimes, it is not sufficient to convey the message and value of a brand. To get something different and unique, hire a 3D and 2D animation maker that is capable to create custom-made templates.

4. Cost

Check for the cost as well. Do the price they offer cover everything up or there will be more to pay in the future? Compare the price between a couple of animation video creator to get the best deal.

The question is how much does it cost you to create an animation video? Check out for these examples, the one that our team in Sribulancer worked on previously:

  • Animation service on how to use an application: IDR 2.700.000

  • 2D graph animation service motion, with duration of 1-3 minutes with VO: IDR 3.500.000

  • 2D animation service to introduce Android game, with duration 1:30 minutes: IDR 2.500.000

  • Animation service learning about taxes: IDR 950.000

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