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Why Must Make an Android Application?

Data from The Economist estimates that there will be 20 billion mobile phone users, specifically Android. Want your business to grow more rapidly than usual marketing strategies? Make an Android application now! With the Android application, it will help your potential users to use it more easily.

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Determine Your Own Budget
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Quality Mobile App
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14 Reasons for Your Business to Have an Android Application

If you think that the Android application is just for big businesses, you're wrong. Because in reality, many medium and small companies are aware of and developing android applications. No need to be surprised if the android application development service is being sought now.

According to a survey, 80% of our time is spent opening applications on cellphones. Therefore, application development has become a promising market. This condition is confirmed by predictions that there will be 20 billion active mobile phones in 2020. This is the situation that encourages anyone to develop application immediately.

1. Future marketing trends

Currently, there are more than 1 billion active smartphones, and half of them are already using or connected to the internet. This means there is a great opportunity in the world of mobile applications. This could be a big hope for businesses to achieve their main goals: grow their sales and profitability.

If you use an appropriate mobile application creation service, the application can help to enhance your business flow, and increase sales. Soon, the application will become a future marketing trend in any business. After previously started from website and social media.

A simple example, when Domino pizza released its delivery application, its sales increased up to 28% just in one semester. The reason is simple, customers definitely prefer placing order via application than having to call first without knowing when their orders will to be delivered.

2. Acting like social platform

Online business has become a social need along with the rapid growth of users. Moreover, the marketing initiatives carried out are more facilitated by social media, and the fact is that social media is a platform whose popularity cannot be denied. And android application is predicted to be able to play the role like that of social media.

If you look deeper, surely you often see sharing feature in your mobile application. Obviously this will grow your business, because your business will be connected directly to social media.

3. Image Building

Although the price for developing an Android application is various, the fact is mobile application can make a substantial contribution to an online business. An android application is the same as a blank canvas that you can fill in creatively, elegantly, and functionally.

The more customers open your application, the more likely they will buy the product or service you offer. The term is effective frequency. Cutomers at least see or hear your product 20 times.

4. Increase sales

Android applications can increase the sales growth in several ways. First, because many people carry mobile phones, applications can be opened anywhere. Convenience like this can make customers more comfortable so they don't hesitate to buy.

Second, companies can benefit from advertisements in applications. As you know, applications are now like money machine just like websites. Even so, do not let the portion of advertising take up a lot of spaces. You can discuss this to the mobile application developer that you choose.

5. Expand the market

While many businesses already use applications, your competitors might not have one. Do not be caught off guard in this situation, and the situation can be an advantage if you hire android application developer as soon as possible.

Without an application, you can lose market segments that otherwise could be easily accessed. The best way to know if there is a lost segment is by looking at the percentage of website visitors who access via mobile device.

Currently, nearly 90% of companies invest in mobile applications. If you don't cath up immediately, you have a chance to be left behind by your competitors. Maybe the application can't rapidly grow your business, but it's still the only way you can survive.

6. Reduce marketing costs

Hidden benefit that an application has is low marketing costs, especially when compared to conventional marketing. For example, sending messages containing product offerings to customers who already have the application is still cheaper and much easier.

The application makes it easy for consumers when they want to find product information without having to call. The needs of consumers, everything is in the application, and this can reduce service costs. Although it seems complicated, but there are many cheap android application development services that have this capability.

7. Make you closer

You will easily connect to customers through the application. For example through customer service, then give tips, new product info, promotions, or surveys. This closeness can later increase customer loyalty because they feel you really care for them.

The application is a platform that allows you to connect directly to customers without intermediaries. Automatically, the marketing activities that you do can continue to run 24 hours without any interruption in terms of time or distance.

8. Speed

The fact is mobile applications are still faster to open than website pages. Not to mention the fact that website pages need connections so they can be accessed. While the application can still run without the internet, and generally this feature depends on the price of the application development.

In this increasingly digital era, fast response is a basic need that customers want. In fact, there is a kind of competition between companies regarding the speed of customer service. The prize is in the form of massive consumer growth.

For example, data from Techcrunch stated that 34% of Black Friday sales were completed through applications. This number rose 16% from the previous year. For sure, the application can provide access speed rather than having to stand in queue line.

9. Bind your customers

No matter what you sell, flowers or books for example, customers need a way to connect to you immediately. The application is an easy solution that can handle situations like this. The effect can be even greater if you add communication feature in your application.

Messaging/communication feature or customer service can bring a big difference about how to communicate to customers. For example OpenTable, the application to book restaurant tables is only need a few clicks. If you have this kind of application, you can bind your customers.

10. Create new markets

Mobile applications have many benefits: provide information, prices, message form, features to order, user accounts, and many more. One definite advantage of the application is that it can convey any info directly to the user.

Including for promotions, discounts, and other things related to the products or services offered. Through this direct message, you can get closer to your customers. Automatically your customers can more easily remember the products and services that you offer.

11. Expand your connections

In an increasingly competitive business world, you cannot reach the target markets at the same time and place. But applications can remove obstacles like this, there is no time and place limitation when you want to explore new markets.

Because of its capabilities, application has a role to further expand connections. The target area that was originally difficult to access, can now easily be reached through the application. That means there will be new markets, new connections, which means there will be new income streams

12. Boost your profit growth

If the level of customer satisfaction rises, automatically the sales chart will also go up. Furthermore, 70% of product purchases are influenced by how well customers are treated, that is the review of statistics published in SalesForce.

This is the most important function of an application, which is to shorten the distance between customers and companies. That way, the treatment that customers receive is more 'humane'. Customers do not have to waste money on the phone and wait long before get noticed.

13. Build loyalty

There is no better way of marketing than getting closer to customers directly… it’s like you have slipped your company logo into your customer's pocket. And that's how it works with a mobile application.

Indirectly customers will interact more often with your business through your application. This at the same time can be a tool to measure how high the customer loyalty to your company.

14. Grow your business

At present, the fastest growing business is the business in cyberspace. Especially those who can maximize the role of the mobile version of the website and mobile applications. No matter what type of business you are in, maximizing both is a must.

How is this possible? It's easy, develop your own application. In the same way, you can make your business number one in the virtual realm. After all, the price of developing an Android application is also still cheap!

You can easily advertise your main product or service without hassle. Of course, situations like this can give you comfort when running a business. One important thing is that applications can avoid potential conflicts between customers and businesses.

All of the above explanations refer to one conclusion: it is mandatory to have an android application. Marketing trends are starting to shift, and application is a very promising future marketing strategy. Again, price is not a big deal. As long as you are thorough, you can find a cheap android programmer application developer with top notch quality!

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