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Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
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Secure Transaction
We will hold your payment and will be given to our team if your article writing service work is complete. In this way, your money will be safe.
Experienced Team
Experienced Team
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Determine Your Own Budget
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SEO Friendly
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Explain the Job
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Get a Quote
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Completed Work
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9 Guidelines for Writing the Best Essay

You might be asked by your lecture to write an essay for sometimes. The problem is, you didn’t know well how to write an essay in a right way, or you may able to write but not really sure your essay is good or not. But if you need a quick solution, coming to essay writing service is a way.

While if you insist to make your own essay, there are some guidelines you should see first. It is very necessary to get a proper essay in a complete package. Especially if you have a deadline, in the meantime you didn’t find any qualified writing service for your task.

1. Clear about the topic

Deciding the topic is the hardest one when it comes to write an essay. Essay is about two things, question and answer. The title that you pick must contains those two things. And yes, it’s quite tricky to find the right title to represent the whole content of your essay.

It is recommended for you to take a topic that you’re mastered. Try to write about the specific case, never too wide because it will give you more difficulties. Once you decided it, give an analyses from various perspective to broaden your material.

2. Argumentation and solution

A good essay must contains a problem, and of course the solution from it. The main idea has to be clear from the beginning, and it must be started with a basic question which contains statement, assertion, and argument. These aspect must be depicted well in thesis statement.

This argument then should be responded with a massif solution in the next paragraph, along with some proves such as statistic, research, citation, and other sources. Though, to build an argument, you should be able to show some specific evidence.

3. Do a research

For the most, you must obliged to do some research related your topic. Before that, you should be to provide any examples to illustrate your problem. Research is a crucial things to find the best solution according your problem that you may face.

An insight research will give you a different perspective to support your answer. You don’t have to be on the field to do a research, instead you can stay at the library. Just read some book, journal, or even Google Scholar with the same interest and take any assertion then cite it.

4. Outline before writing

Outline is kind of basic structure which contains some important point. Having outline will facilitate you to write essay quickly because you already have the main idea for each paragraph. All you need is trying to develop into a sentence and paragraph.

Just write down your thesis statement for the first, then write every idea you want to explore next. These outline latterly becomes the main idea of each paragraph of your essay. In fact, this is standard technique that mostly applied by the best resume writing service.

5. Pay attention to the structure

The rule of three related to writing essay are introduction, content, and closing. Though, many of you sometime ignoring this structure. A thing like thesis statement, question you want to analyze, theory that you use, must be mentioned at the first paragraph as an introduction.

While the content is used to explain the solution including some argumentations and proofs. At the end, there is closing statement, or sometime you may call it conclusion. In this part, you only need to create a summary from the whole topic without adding a new argument or solution.

6. A complete sentence and paragraph

A good paragraph has 3-4 complete sentences for the most, and every sentence must have complete language construction, such as subject and verb. So, to enrich your writing idea, you are obliged to read more sources to make easy when mapping the whole idea.

You are free to use an inductive or deductive paragraph, as long as your writing structure is correct. Whatever it is, your main sentence must able to represent the idea of each paragraph, then followed by a supporting sentence to develop the solution you build.

7. Don’t forget about diction

You are not allowed to use your own writing style. Essay has strict rule about the writing style, especially the diction. Let’s say you are mastered in casual writing, but when it comes to essay, you may get difficulties to adapt with a new kind of writing style.

Essay is formal writing, academic writing though. Even the language style that you want to use must be objective and formal. In another word, any non-formal and too emotional won’t be allowed in this field of essay. Objectivity and formality are much demanded.

8. A conclusion

Your face may begin to joy again once you realize being here. But it’s not over yet, still one more thing to do to finish this work. Just arrange the sentence to create a closing statement. If you have difficulty with it, try to summarize the solution that you’ve mentioned before.

But, never underestimate the closing. Good or bad essay sometime can easily be seen from the conclusion you made. A good closing must determine the question and answer from the whole topic. Once you write it down, you already finished your essay.

9. Finishing touch

In every work field that required skill, there is a common things called finishing touch which performed at the very end. It is crucial to do, because it will wipe out all typo you did. A finishing touch is just like performing proofread or paraphrase to your work piece.

At this point you will realize that your write is far from the ideal one, still too many mistakes maybe. It’s still normal, especially if it first time for you. But finishing touch could help you to get a professional essay as you may get as from writing service.

Writing an essay by yourself is on word, and giving to essay writing service is another word. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it’s all up to you. But there are many cheap essay writing service for a practical solution if you are in hurry, and in case you don’t want to spend much money on it.

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