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Why You Needs Video Marketing Strategy?

DreamGrow notes that video marketing has a high conversion rate to sell company products. It's higher than article content. Video that on the website can increase click-through rates 200–300%. Are you not interested in that number?

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Sribulancer has a team of more than 5 years of experience for video production services. Able to work on any type of videos, such as corporate videos, animation videos, training videos, and promotional videos.
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You can determine for yourself what costs for professional video production you need.
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Video Marketing: The Trend of Marketing Strategies Much Loved by Modern Companies

Based on research conducted by HubSpot, as many as 54% of respondents said they wanted to see promotional videos from the brands they supported. This figure is higher than email newsletters (46%) and image content (41%). In the research it was also found that video content was much easier to remember (43%) compared to other types of content, both image content (36%) and text content (18%). Not surprisingly, until now video marketing is still a prima donna of business people.

Nowadays video marketing is also increasingly affordable. Not only in terms of production costs, the marketing costs are also the same. The number of streaming video channels like YouTube allows all that. You can even distribute promotional video content for free. The effectiveness of video marketing is also increasing with targeted advertisements. With advertisements like this, video marketing content can reach the right market. But before we discuss further, what is video marketing?

What Is Video Marketing

Have you ever seen a video ad on TV or on a video streaming site like YouTube? That's exactly video marketing. Moreover, video marketing can be interpreted as a marketing method by utilizing interesting and laden video content aimed at increasing brand awareness. Until now, video is still one of the most effective marketing methods. This is inseparable from the nature of the video which is more easily accepted and remembered.

Video marketing has many types. The contents do not always lead to sales or hard selling. Some are in the form of demo videos, some are in the form of educational videos. All can be selected according to the marketing strategy that you want to implement. For more details, here are some types of video marketing.

1. Branding Video

Most of video marketing that aired on TV is in this type. As the name implies, this video was made for branding purposes. Branding videos are made to introduce a brand to public. The marketing nature of this type of video is quite obvious. Therefore, branding video can be categorized as hard selling videos.

2. Educational Video

Business people do not always use direct methods in marketing their products or services. Many also use indirect methods. One of them is with educational videos. This type of video marketing focuses more on consumer education. The principle is to give first before get what you want.

Educational videos are also often used to build markets that did not exist before. Build basic consumer knowledge so that people are more aware that they need the solution you have. Markets that are still relatively small can also be developed using educational videos.

3. Demo video

Similar to educational videos, demo videos are also classified as video marketing that is "give first, then get what you want". However, the contents of this demo video are more specific to how your product works and how to use it. That's why this video usually talks more about technical matters.

4. Testimonial Video

When offered a new product, what usually makes you more sure to buy it? User experience. How do users respond after using it? All of that increasingly convinced you to buy the product. This is highlighted in the testimonial video. As the name implies, this marketing video contains customer testimonials.

Why Choose Video Marketing

There are many reasons why video marketing is still a prima donna for business and marketing people. In terms of cost, video marketing is indeed higher than email marketing, social image or articles. But in terms of effectiveness, this marketing method is still very effective. Here are some advantages of video marketing compared to other marketing methods.

1. Easier to Remember

How much information do you get and digest while reading a book or article? When compared to the information you capture from watching videos, which one is more? In a recent study it was also clear that video content was far more memorable than other types of content. That's because content videos have a more pleasing visual appearance for the human brain. This is different from the boring text sequence. This is also related to the workings of the human brain which is easier to capture images than text.

2. Able to convey messages better

The message is more easily captured when delivered through a combination of text, images and movements. Interestingly, all that can be found in video marketing. Even with a short duration video, the audience can capture most of the messages in the video.

Results like this can be achieved when you use experienced video marketing services. Their knowledge and experience will be very helpful in making video marketing that can meet expectations.

3. Easier to like

It is common knowledge that humans prefer images compared to text. When compared to video, the choice will shift again. Most people tend to prefer videos compared to other types of content. That's why video content is more easily liked than text content.

This phenomenon can be found on YouTube. Many YouTube videos that managed to get hundreds of thousands to millions of views. Things like this are quite rare in text content. This shows that basically humans really prefer video content compared to text content.

How To Make Video Marketing

Basically video content is indeed preferred and easier to remember. But that also depends on the video content itself. Is the content really good? To make good video marketing, there are stages that must be passed. Here are the steps to creating a marketing video.

1. Define Your Audience

Who is your target audience? This is the first question that you must answer when you want to create video marketing content. This target audience is usually the target consumers of the product or service that will be offered. From here, you can determine what theme is suitable to convey the message effectively to your audience.

2. Determine the Goal

What is the target or goal of your video marketing? Is it to increase brand awareness, introduce new products or sell more products? Different goals need different concepts and messages. By setting goals from the start, the process of making videos will also be more focused.

3. Adjust to the Media

Where will you publish the video? Is it on social media, landing pages or other media? If the media you want to use is social media, it would be better to make a marketing video that is more informative.

Remember, basically social media is used to interact and socialize. Sometimes social media is also used to share information. Therefore, informative video content will be more appreciated. As for landing pages, you can make video marketing that is more about introducing the products you want to sell.

4. Create a Storyboard

All video marketing service providers do this. Storyboard is like a video frame that contains important points about the video you want to make. This is where you actualize the concept. Storyboard also helps the process of making videos so the editing process is more solid.

5. Prepare Video Recording Equipments and Locations Then Record

Video marketing cannot be made without using cameras, lighting, microphones, studios and other additional equipment. All that needs to be prepared. Likewise with the studio. You need to make decorations that suits the concepts that have been designed.

The recording process itself must also be done by considering a number of things, both technical and non-technical, from the lighting to the angle of shooting. After that, perfect the video with the editing process. For this purpose, you can also hire a video editing service provider.

6. Publish Your Video

After the video is finished, it's time to publish it. This publication thing can be adjusted according to the original plan. If the initial plan for making the video is to be uploaded to social media, then publish it through your social media account. Similarly, if the original goal is for a landing page. In addition, you can also use video streaming sites like YouTube to publish marketing videos. To increase the number of views, you can always use paid advertising services.

The process of making video marketing is indeed quite long. Many need to be prepared, many equipments are needed. But you don't have to do it all yourself. Now there are video marketing service providers. There are even video editing service providers. Professional help will obviously make it easier for you to execute marketing strategies.

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