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The online shop has been a new shopping trend for many people for several years until today. Wherever you are, the development of this technology has made no gap anymore between you and your favorite stores. You can do shopping in China while you live in America or conversely, you can buy American products while you live in one city in China such as Shanghai or Beijing.

The concept of an online shop is one store that sells one or several products like an offline shop in a supermarket or mall. But the differences from those two stores are you can order one or more products through their website directly without getting out of your home. In other words, online shop allows you or other consumers to buy goods or services by visiting their website with your electronic devices.

For your benefits, you can use alternative vendors like shopping search engine. In this search engine, you can view the display of all products and read complete information about them like price and product specifications. Furthermore, you can analysis the comparison between one product and another product about each of their price, brand, and quality. Don’t worry about the flexibility of using devices because you can use different computers or devices such as laptops, desktop computers, tablet computers or even your smartphones to make one deal or just searching the product that you want before you buy it.

Like its name, online shop need consumers to have the access to the internet with their devices so they can do the transaction. In addition, you must have a valid method of payment to make your transaction become complete, such as credit card, electronic money, debit card, gift cards, cheque (check), Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also services like PayPal. For the shipment, if you buy physical products, they will ship those products to the customer’s address. But if you but digital products, such as software, digital audio files, and songs, they will send to you over the Internet.

If you are looking for some online shops or stores or online marketplace that sell almost all products such as beauty, fashion, shoes, unique gifts, homeware, even electronics, you can find all of those in several famous online stores that you already know.

1. Alibaba

Having more than hundreds of millions of users, Alibaba is the biggest online marketplace in the world that handled more business than any other online marketplace company. This e-commerce is very popular for online shopping and having the fastest growing market than another e-commerce. According to the CLSA data, Alibaba dominating more than 75% of China’s online shopping. This fantastic result makes a totaled transaction of Alibaba more than total Amazon.com and eBay if they combined.

In Market itself, Alibaba is the fourth success companies in the world after Apple, Google, and Microsoft. For your information, Alibaba sells everything from a small product such as origami decorations until a large product. Because of their many products, Alibaba has huge customers base all around the world.

2. Amazon.com

Almost all people in the world know this famous web store. Amazon is the largest online store or marketplace in the world that sell more than 200 million items for buyers. You can find any products that you want to buy at Amazon. Product reviews and several discounts also sales on their website can make your transactions become so easy, fun and of course at a cheap price. You can appropriate the qualifications of one or more products that you want with your own money.

3. Walmart.com

Walmart.com helps you by offering several products and utilizing the local store for some service like grocery ordering and photo ordering. If you choose to try Walmart.com, you can get free pick up for the same day, two-day shipping on many items and also free pick up for curbside grocery.

4. eBay

If you want to buy any antique products or collectibles, you have to choose eBay online marketplace. In this marketplace, you can find any clothes, cars, toys, jewelry and anything else that you want to buy immediately or just to bid in an auction. eBay has some service to get for your benefits such as a ship for free, sales, discounts and also seller reviews which is very important before you buy their products.

5. Newegg

Are you looking for new electronics devices for your college or business needs? Surely, Newegg online marketplace is the right choice to choose. Many electronics can be found in there such as gadgets, tablets, computers, and office supplies. In addition, if you want to buy costumes, apparel, and even jewelry, Newegg is the best choices and trustworthy to choose.

6. Best Buy

Another marketplace online except Newegg that you can choose is Best Buy. This marketplace has many top brands of electronics such as Microsoft, LG, Apple, Samsung or Sony. Their customer service team will give the best service for your needs. Some of those services are fast pick up for under one hour, free shipping if you already spend some dollars, and also deal with extra savings for the weekly or certain day.

As consumers, according to those explanations above you already have lists of the online marketplace that you can choose. All of those online marketplaces are trustworthy to try if you want to buy something immediately without getting out of your home. But, how if you want to sells something or offers services? Maybe you can join one or several of those marketplaces and becomes one of their stores, but how to make your sales or profit more increase? That’s why you need online shopping trends.

Trends Online Shopping

Fuelled by technology make online shopping is one activity that you must be anticipated in many years later. Customers must manage their money every month so they can protect themselves from the temptation of online shopping. But for retailers or sellers like you, online shopping must be the new hoping way to give customers what they want as soon as possible and as easy as possible. So, lets’ take a look at the trends of online shopping that you must know:

1. The Power of Social Media

Nowadays, social media become “standard social style” for everyone to make them looks modern enough” for someone else. That’s the mainstream opinion who believed by everyone wherever they are all around the world. It’s like you are definitely antisocial person if you don’t have any social media in the digital world. Social media is like a mall for everyone because there they can chat together with family, old and new friend even their colleague. But the interesting trends that you can use from social media are the power of them to become window shop for your online shop.

One of the social media that you can use for your needs is Instagram. Posting your product photos or images on Instagram so it makes your followers or friends or “candidate” buyers or consumers become angered deeper. As you know, social media has the power to makes many people spend a lot of their time to play with it, so this is the effective strategy to increase your sales. Are you curious? Try it then!

2. Multi-channel and Social e-commerce

Multi-channel e-commerce for your website is a good strategy to connect your customers with your browser anytime and anywhere they want. For example, if you have Instagram to sell your goods or products, it can be very useful when your customers click image or photo of your product that they want.

After that, you can help them to get them to your channel directly. In other words, if prospective customers click your product, you can pull up more images of these products to their latest Instagram posts so they can see the price and click “Add to Cart” button immediately. So, this multi-channel will contain full-screen products images, good Instagram style visuals, user reviews and also “Add to Cart” button with a price. It looks so easy, right?

Besides that idea, another “e-commerce idea” can become your adding alternatives trends. Some social media other than Instagram such as Facebook can become a social e-commerce trend for your store sales. Without ever having to leave Facebook, you can still do transaction such as fill in shipping information and purchase entire cart. Other examples of the technology of e-commerce are smart TVs, mobile wallets like Apple Pay, near-field communication and also social buy button.

In addition, social e-commerce has two important benefits for you such as easy-to-use and easy-to-access through the website. Of course, above all of that, you can do and get payments with a totally safe and secure way with your consumers. So, based on the amazing growth of social media use around the world, now social e-commerce is one of the trends that can be increasing your sales and make your transaction become easier.

3. Use Your Smartphones

Nowadays, mobile phone, especially smartphones, are very popular. Almost all people leave their old phone such as old Nokia or Motorola to get the iPhone, Windows Phone, Samsung or any other Android phones. Maybe some of those people still save their old phone but the fact that often they also have smartphones as well. The point is smartphones or modern mobile phones are mainstream “lifestyle to get” today like your daily fashion style. The phenomenon is almost all people often to spend their time in front of their smartphones. So according to this fact, all the online marketplace has been integrated with smartphones. Of course, this trend becomes very useful for people who like efficiently and effective way to sells their products.

As sellers, also you can use it to increase your goods sales, offers and profits. You can make your own website if you don’t want to join several large online marketplaces like what the explanations above such as Amazon.com or eBay and Alibaba. If you have your own website, you don’t have to pace or do transactions with desktop computer or tablet anymore because smartphones are enough. Don’t worry about the payment, because the payment system also can be found on Apple devices or Android smartphones.

According to those explanations above, if you are consumers you can try and trust an online marketplace like Amazon.com, Alibaba or eBay to get the product that you want. But if you are sellers, some trends above can make your sales more increase than before.

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