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Why a Logo is Important to Your Business

A logo is an important element that can be used as the name, symbol and identity of your business. Having a good logo design will certainly result in company branding that looks professional and makes your business far superior to your business competitors.

Benefit of Using Cheap Logo Design Service at Sribulancer

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Money Back Guarantee
If you don't like the results of the work of our team that you choose. You can replace it with another team. Or ask for money to be returned.
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Secure Transaction
We will hold your payment and will be given to our team if your logo design service work is complete. In this way, your money will be safe..
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Experienced Team
Sribulancer has a team of more than 5 years of experience for logo design services. Able to work on any type of logo, such as product company logos or service companies
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Determine Your Own Budget
You can determine for yourself what costs for custom logo design services you need.
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The logo design results are based on your own desires and without taking any resources..

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Explain the Job
Explain clearly about the logo design service you want. Also includes the budget you have for this job.
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Get a Quote
Sribulancer will distribute information about your work to our team. Next, our team will submit a proposal according to the explanation you provided.
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Completed Work
After finding the suitable offer. You can already start work, and the work is done in a short time.

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Tips for Choosing Logo Design Services for Company Branding

Based on a survey conducted by the SBA (Small Business Association), as many as 30% of businesses failed in their second year and 50% failed in the fifth year. This figure is even higher, as many as 66% of businesses fail to enter their tenth year. There are several things that cause it. One of them is weak marketing. Many companies are too hasty and immediately pursue sales. They forget one thing that is far more important: branding. Just imagine. Without branding, how can the market get to know your company? At least all that can be started by making a company logo through logo design services.

Logo is not just a symbol. Logo is the face of a company that is full of the vision of its founder. Through its logo, a company shows its character. Okay, maybe many of you, business people who automatically think that every company must have a logo. Making it is also not difficult. There are logo-making services that can be assigned to make it. But the logo is only a small part of a much bigger thing. Yes, the bigger thing is branding. Corporate branding. So why should you bother making a logo for branding?

The Importance of Branding for Companies

At one time, your TV is unexpectedly broken. There is a component that is broken in it and the only option to fix it is to replace the component. However, the cost of repairing the TV turned out to be almost the same as the price of a new TV. When faced with a situation like this, most of you would certainly consider buying a new TV. Until finally, you decide to come to an electronics store and look for a replacement TV.

At the electronics store there are many TVs with various brands. Starting from famous brands to local brands that you have never even heard of can be found there. But even though there are so many brand choices, what brands are of immediate interest to you? It has become a human instinct to better consider a brand he already knows. In this case, big brands that are already well known. Even though the quality of the product is the same, TVs from well-known brands are still far more convincing.

From the example above, it is clear that the strength of a brand greatly influences the buyer's decision. For this reason, choosing a logo designer should be done carefully. In addition to the example above, there are still several reasons why branding is important for the company. Here are the reasons why branding is important for your business.

1. As a messenger

Brand is not just a name. Logo is not just a symbol. Both are a means for companies to convey messages to public, especially to the market they want to target. For example, Nike brand and logo. Although the logo is only in the form of a "check" sign, people who see it understand that what is meant there is "Just Do It" which is a tagline or slogan from the company.

A good brand or logo must have a message. Not just a word that is easily pronounced or an interesting visual. In choosing a company logo design service, considerations like this are very important.

2. Shows Company Credibility

Like the previous example, sometimes the buyer's decision to choose a product or service is based on a simple thing, namely a brand that is perceived as more credible. Herein lies the difference between big brands and small brands. Big brands are far more convincing. That is why there are several brands that are estimated to have very high value. Name it Apple, which is already known as the most valuable brand in the world. In 2017 alone, the Apple brand is estimated to be worth $ 170 billion. Even though the prices of its products are very high, many people do not hesitate to buy them. So many people really want products made by Apple.

Company credibility which is reflected in a brand is indeed formed from quality products to excellent service. But if there is no brand that can capitalize all of these achievements, the company will still find it difficult to make profits. That's why branding is important. Although you can use cheap logo design services, the brand that is built must be able to emit its credibility.

3. Building Emotional Relationships with Customers

There are many stories about the emotional relationship between a brand and the customers. Many customers are very loyal to a particular brand so they don't want to choose another brand. For example in the case of electronic products, especially TV. There are some people who only want to buy Panasonic brand TVs. If they can't find a TV with the brand, they don't hesitate to look for it in another store.

Relationships like this can be formed if a brand does have a strong and deep impression for its customers. Achievements like this are not only built by quality and service. Stories in a brand or commonly known as branding are able to help. When a brand reaches the point like this, where an emotional connection between the customer and the brand is formed, you could say this is the highest achievement of branding.

Logo, Important Component in Branding

In branding, logo has a very important role. You could say the logo is a visual form of brand and face of the company. Just as with the brand itself, traits in a brand should also be inherited into the logo. That's why a logo must be able to show the company's identity.

The logo itself does not have to look complicated or colorful. To be honest, many successful logos actually have a simple design. For example, Apple logo. At first, Apple logo actually came with the appearance of colorful apples. But the Apple logo that is more memorable in the eyes of the public is the silver apple logo which is actually a new logo. Facebook, Google, KFC and Samsung are the same. Each of them has a very simple logo design. Logo designers generally understand this.

Tips for Choosing Logo Design Services

Now you have understood the importance of logo for companies, especially related to branding initiatives. The next question, how to choose the right logo-design service? With so many logo-design service providers, it's certainly difficult to find the best choice. For that, here are tips on choosing a company logo design service provider.

1. Choose the Experienced

Consideration of experience is very important in choosing a logo designer. Simply put, the more experience you have the better. Experience also shows the level of understanding and ability of the logo designer. Keep in mind, logo designers don't only have to have good design skills. They must also have an adequate understanding of marketing and brand management. It is not difficult to select the logo designers who are already experienced. This aspect can be seen from how long the designer has worked in the logo design industry.

2. Check the portfolio

As a potential user of logo design services, all you need to convince yourself is proof. Proof of the designer's ability to design company logos. One way to find out is to look at the portfolio. What projects did he/she handle? What are the logos he/she ever made? Of course, it would be even better if the designer had dealt with a large project or had a client from a big brand.

3. Check the Testimonial or Review

How good is the logo designer? Check the testimony and review. It's not difficult to find testimonials or reviews on the internet. You can use the search engine to find them. If the logo designer is registered in a platform such as Sribulancer, it is easier for you to know how good he/she is. The number of positive testimonials shows how good the logo designer is. However, it does not mean that good logo designers never get negative testimonial. It's just a lot less.

4. Processing Time

The experience is quite a lot; the portfolios also look convincing, so are the testimonials and reviews. However, you also need to consider the processing time. The faster the better. For that, do not forget to make sure the time required before start hiring a logo designer.

5. Price

The price component is never separated from the consideration of each buyer. If possible, it will certainly be more profitable if you can find cheap logo design services. But cheap here doesn't always mean lower than market price. Look deeper. Understand the value given by the logo designer. If the value and price appear to be equivalent or even the value looks higher than the price offered, there is no reason not to choose it.

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